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CDMT : Cadre de Dépenses Moyen Terme

CDMT : Cadre de Dépenses Moyen Terme

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Detail of the program



  • Economics & macroeconomics risks ; aditionnal crises

  • New behaviour Economy and impacts

  • Sub-Saharan Africa; a rapidly growing market

  • Major risks, intercultural challenges and differences

  • Africa Market « traditional » entry mode & strategic entry mode

  • Key success factors, drivers and methodologies to succeed in business.

  • Africa consumers key facts

  • Key Sub-Saharan African Consumer Segments

  • Consumer Segment Size Evolution

  • Key steps to build a business in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Key pillars of the  strategy toward Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Sectors strategies by the multiannual programming & key facts.



Conference will be based on the African learning curve & on real-life examples related to the Lionel Alev, strategic international missions for the Executives of the African States , Ministries, Central Banks and private enterprises and for the European Commission.

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